UBT S.r.l. has been awarded a SME Instrument Phase 2 grant of €1.4 million under grant agreement No. 830265.https://sme.easme-web.eu/?b=918924942
Within the SME Instrument project, UBT will further develop and test MammoWave, the innovative x-rays free microwave mammogram. MammoWave will be trialed in an international clinical study involving prestigious hospitals in Italy, Spain and Germany.
The SME Instrument is a programme under the Horizon 2020 framework run by the EASME, the European Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. UBT already secured a Phase 1 SME Instrument grant in 2017. The Phase 2 project continues the work started in Phase 1 and allows UBT to achieve key milestones including CE marking of the device.

MammoWave project in a nutshell

MammoWave is a revolutionary Breast Cancer screening device for highly accurate cancer detection based on safe microwaves instead of ionizing radiation (X-rays). The excellent overall sensitivity (ongoing clinical trials show sensitivity above 90%), the simple method that requires no squishing of the breast, and the complete safety of the microwave imaging technique, make MammoWave primed for mass BC screening.
The MammoWave project comes from 8 years of R&D and has currently reached a Technology Readiness Level of 7.

The SME Instrument project will now focus on the close-to-market activities necessary to ensure a successful commercialization at international level::

  • Development of an interoperable application for MammoWave imaging management
  • proving MammoWave large scale manufacturability and assembly repeatability
  • achieving CE marking
  • validating MammoWave’s performances in international clinical study.

  • Mammowave H2020 Project Starting date and duration

    October the 1st, 2018

    Duration: 24 months (extended to 35 months due to pandemic)