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Our X-rays free mammogram MammoWave is a revolutionary breast cancer screening device for highly accurate cancer detection based on safe microwaves instead of ionizing radiation (X-rays).

MammoWave allows: to illuminate the breast using electromagnetic fields in the microwave band; to measure the correspondent scattered electromagnetic fields; to process the measured field through a dedicated algorithm, obtaining the image of the breast and highlighting tissues inhomogeneities. Microwave imaging exploits the contrast in the dielectric properties (permittivity and conductivity) at microwave frequencies of normal and malignant tissues of the breast. The MammoWave software is based on a novel, fast, and accurate imaging algorithm, based on the Huygens Principle.

Our X-rays-free mammogram MammoWave examination requires no breast smashing and no matching liquid. The breast screening with MammoWave is performed with the patient lying in a comfortable facing down position. MammoWave is safe to be used at any age and in any condition (pregnancy, specific illness, etc.), and for unlimited number of times; this can lead to a widespread breast screening, enhancing cancer early detection.

All the components of MammoWave have CE marking and the assembly was carried out in accordance with D.L. 46/97 and with the Italian Ministry of Health recommendations. MammoWave has been classified in the category IIa of medical devices (active medical devices which use low-power electromagnetic fields); risk analysis showed the safety with respect to SAR issue.

Clinical trials are currently in progress at Perugia Hospital, Italy and Foligno Hospital, Italy, after approval of the Italian Ministry of Health and of the Ethical Committee of Regione Umbria (N. 6845/15/AV/DM of 14/10/2015 and N. 10352/17/NCAV of 16/03/2017). The protocol concerns a feasibility study for detection of breast cancers using the proposed microwave mammogram apparatus, with the aim of quantifying the potential of the proposed microwave mammogram apparatus to be used for medical technology screening and possible localization of breast cancer.

MammoWave has been patented in 2012 (inventorsGianluigi Tiberi and Giovanni Raspa). To face the challenge of clinical trials, in 2015 UBT Srl (Umbria Bioengineering Technologies) has been founded as innovative biomedical Startup company. UBT Srl is an academic Spin Off of the Department of Physics and Geology of the University of Perugia, Italy.

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