UBT SRL (Umbria Bioengineering Technologies) is an innovative biomedical Startup company and academic Spin Off of the Department of Physics and Geology of the University of Perugia, Italy.

UBT invented, designed and constructed MammoWave, a microwave mammogram for breast cancer detection which does not use ionizing radiation, thus it is X-ray free. A large group of researchers, in synergy with radiologists and breast specialists, work on MammoWave project.

Our x-rays free mammogram MammoWave has been recently awarded with a EU H2020 grant. MammoWave use for clinical trials was authorized by Italian Ministry of Health and by the Ethical Committee of Regione Umbria, Italy. Clinical trials are ongoing at Perugia Hospital, S. Maria della Misericordia, and at Foligno Hospital. Clinical trials will be soon extended to other Hospitals, both in Italy and abroad.

In addition, UBT combines expertise in microwave, interaction between electromagnetic fields and matter, research and development of novel medical devices for diagnostic purposes. Thus, UBT can offer you:


  • consulting services for medical devices classification and clinical trials approval;
  • measurements of electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic compatibility in working and hospital environments;
  • risk assessments on occupational exposure to electromagnetic fields in living and working environments;
  • training course on the risk assessment of exposure to non-ionizing radiation (ECM credits).

UBT Tech
Phone: +39 3490564302

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