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During their work, employees may be exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMF) produced by equipment they are using or which they approach. The EU has issued Directive 2013/35/UE on the protection of workers from health and safety risks arising from such exposure to electromagnetic fields (not-ionizing radiation) in the workplace. Specifically, the employer must make a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks to employees arising from their exposure to electromagnetic fields.

In this context UBT Srl, thanks to its expertise in microwave, interaction between electromagnetic fields and matter, research and development of novel medical devices for diagnostic purposes, can offer:

Consulting and EMF measurements in working environments:

  • measurements of electromagnetic fields for risk assessments on occupational exposure in working environments;
  • measurements of electromagnetic fields for electromagnetic compatibility assessment.

Consulting and EMF measurements in hospital and medical centers:

  • measurements of electromagnetic fields for risk assessments on occupational exposure in hospital and medical centers;
  • measurements of electromagnetic fields in hospital and medical centers for electromagnetic compatibility assessment;
  • measurements of Radiofrequency Shielding of the Faraday Cage in Magnetic Resonance
  • measurements of Fringe Fields and B0 spatial gradient in Magnetic Resonance

Training courses

  • training course on the risk assessment of exposure to non-ionizing radiation (ECM credits).

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