RadioSpin (Deep oscillatory neural networks computing and learning through the dynamics of RF neurons interconnected by RF spintronic synapses) is one of the projects funded by the EU within the call FUTURE EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES (FET) H2020-FETPROACT.

The 48-months project will be carried out within a European Consortium, being UBT one of the participants.

The full list of the participants is:

L'Universitè de Bordeaux (coordinator)
Centre national de la recherche scientifique CNRS
Laboratório ibérico internacional de nanotecnologia INL
Eurida research

The RadioSpin project aims to build a hardware neural network that will lead to a revolution in the field of Artificial Intelligence, as a "Hardware Artificial Intelligence" will be implemented.
During the project, these hardware neural networks will be optimized, tested and integrated in our MammoWave device; in particular, these networks will receive and process microwave signals as “Memory IN Computing”, further increasing MammoWave accuracy.

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