Franco Alfredo Grassini
Sabatino Tiberi
Giorgio Ronchini
Simone Re
Matteo Del Savio
Piero Cavalletti


Gianluigi Tiberi
Giovanni Raspa
Navid Ghavami
Lorenzo Sani
Martina Paoli
Alessandro Vispa
Alessandra Bigotti


Michele Duranti
Andrea Saracini
Eleonora Vannini
Simonetta Ercolani
Riccardo Loretoni


Luca Ferrucci
Francesco Sacchetti
Loris Nadotti



Scientific Team

Gianluigi Tiberi (Head of R&D, inventor and co-founder)
Graduated in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Pisa with a Master at King’s College (UK), Ph.D. degree in Information Engineering from the University of Pisa, Post Ph.D. at University of Oxford through a Marie Curie Intra European Fellowships for Career Development, Seventh Research Framework Programme. Gianluigi matured a solid experience in the applied electromagnetics and microwave imaging for medical application (he is also the coordinator the Radio Frequency laboratory of Imago7 Foundation, Pisa). He authored more than 80 journal and conference papers and he is co-lecturer of Electromagnetics for Medical Applications at Biomedical Engineering, University of Pisa He is the scientist who studied the theory of MammoWave technology disseminated via numerous international conferences and scientific papers. He is the inventor of the patented microwave apparatus (Apparatus for testing the integrity of mammary tissues) and founder of UBT-Umbria bioengineering technologies.

Giovanni Raspa (CTO,  inventor and co-founder)
Giovanni Raspa is an expert in mechatronics and is the owner of 3 patents, one of which is the microwave apparatus for testing the integrity of mammary tissues and the other two cover an automatic machine for the reading stamping and a tearing of postal current account receipts. These technologies are currently widely utilized in the postal industry and in the textile industry. He has managerial experience as cofounder and technical director of Radio Subasio, a Radio in Italy.

Navid Ghavami (co-funder)
Navid Ghavami received the B. Eng degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from King’s College and a Ph.D. degree from the University of Oxford. During his PhD and post-doc years, he worked on developing microwave imaging methods with potential applications on cancer detection. Together with Gianluigi Tiberi, he studied the theory of MammoWave technology disseminated via numerous international conferences and scientific papers. Winner of several prizes, he is research associate at London South Bank University and he is currently working as research project manager in EXUS, UK.

Lorenzo Sani (co-founder)
Graduated in Physics at the Department of Physics and Geology (FISGEO) of the University of Perugia, he received a Ph.D from FISGEO. Lorenzo worked as R&D Manager at MATE srl for the development of infrared spectrometers, optics. In January 2013, Dr. Sani joined the FISGEO through a UBT fellowship working on the development of the first MammoWave prototype, performing several technical test on electronics and automation aspects, optimizing the algorithm with the data analysis. This work allowed UBT team to identify the solutions for the prototype upgrades. Dr. Sani is now working on the continuous development of the MammoWave, performing technical test on electronics and automation aspects, optimizing the algorithm with the data analysis.

Alessandro Vispa
Graduated in Physics at the Department of Physics and Geology (FISGEO) of the University of Perugia, Alessandro recently received a Ph.D from Polytechnic University of Catalunya where he was focused on the characterization cristals and nano-crystalline materials. After receiving his Ph.D. in November 2016, Dr. Alessandro Vispa joined the scientific team of UBT, working on data analysis and acquisition of the ongoing and future clinical trials in Italian and European hospitals.

Martina Paoli
Paoli is specialized in Medical Physics and made a 4 years internship at the department of medical physics of Macerata’s hospital, Italy. Martina was trained at the U.O. Radiotherapy in the Hospital of Macerata and at the department of Nuclear Medicine in the Hospital M.S. Misericordia, conducting quality checks on X-ray machines (Intensifiers Brilliance, Mammography, TAC) and studying dosimetric data of patients. She has knowledge of medical software used in different hospital’s departments and graphics applications. In November 2015 Martina joined the scientific team of UBT, working on MammoWave clinical trials and on electromagnetic fields interaction with tissues.

Alessandra Bigotti
Graduated in Physics at the Department of Physics and Geology (FISGEO) of the University of Perugia, she did her final project at the Hospital of S.Maria della Misericordia, Perugia, working on the analysis and processing of radiological and MR images. In November 2017 Alessandra joined the scientific team of UBT


Management Team

Franco Alfredo Grassini (Honorary President and co-founder)
A. Grassini, matured a relevant experience in several prestigious universities from London School of Economics, to MPA Harvard-Cambridge, LUISS. He worked as CEO of international companies such as FIAT – Brasile, Legler Spa, Teleco, ICLE. He has been Full Professor of Industrial Technology at University of Perugia, University of Ancona, Luiss University and Boston College.

Sabatino Tiberi (CEO)
Sabatino Tiberi (degree in economics and Master degree at ISTAO- Istituto Adriano Olivetti) has held managing position in several large Italian companies: Marketing manager at Vela SpA (GE.P.I Groups), General Manager at Agnano confezioni SpA (GE.P.I. Groups), General Manager at Calzaturificio Umbro (Gruppo IGI / Primigi) gaining a solid managerial expertise in business administration and marketing. Since 2015, he is CEO at UBT and is fully committed to manage the business development of MammoWave.

Giorgio Ronchini (Board of Directors Member, Sales and Marketing)
Ronchini has a consolidated and extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, especially in the area of sales and marketing. Giorgio has been working at leading medical and pharmaceutical companies, among which are Pfizer, Pharmacia Italia, Abbott Italia, Boehringer, Carlo Erba.

Simone Re (Board of Directors Member, Medical Software)
Graduated in Informatics at Bicocca University, Milano, with an Executive Master in SME Management at Università Cattolica, Milano, he is currently the Head of R & D of the Radiology Division at Digitec, Lecco, Italy.
He is an expert in software for medical imaging, management of acquisition functions, real-time processing, post-processing, measurements, distribution in DICOM hospital network (Digital Imaging and COmmunications in Medicine) of related images.

Cavalletti Piero (Board of Directors Member, Administration)
Graduated in Economics at University of Perugia, Italy, P. Cavalletti has competences in the field of  Management, Administration and Internationalization.

Matteo Del Salvio (Board of Directors Member, Financials)
Graduated in Economics at University Bocconi, Milano, Italy, M. Del Savio is now working at Mediobanca, London, UK. He has competences in the field of audit financial industry (banking, asset management, investment banking)

Clinical Team

(The Clinical Team is afferent to the Hospital of Perugia or to the Hospital of Foligno and works in close cooperation and synergy with the UBT Scientific Team)

Michele Duranti (Medical coordinator and supervisor for clinical trial)
Dr Michele Duranti, MD, specialized in Radiodiagnostics and Imaging Science at University of Perugia (1993) and currently director at Radiology department at the Hospital of S.Maria della Misericordia (Perugia Hospital), is the Principal Investigator of the clinical trials conducted by UBT. In this context, he leads in Perugia a team of four physicians himself; Dr Andrea Saracini; Dr Eleonora Vannini; Dr Simonetta Ercolani) actively involved in the ongoing clinical trials, and they are also contributing with their unique insights to UBT business and scientific project. He is also coordinating the activity of Dr. Riccardo Loretoni, which is performing MammoWave clinical trials at Foligno Hospital, Italy.

Andrea Saracini
Andrea Saracini graduated in 1997 with the thesis: “Diagnostic imaging in the study of traumatic muscle disease.”
Since 2002, he worked in the ASL 2 Umbria. Since 2007 he worked at the company Hospital of Perugia as radiologist dealing mainly with senology, emergency radiology and magnetic resonance.

Eleonora Vannini
Eleonora Vannini holds a first level degree in 2008 in Medicine and Surgery, University of Perugia, with the thesis: “Diagnostic imaging in the diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary arteriovenous malformations”. Later, she attended the Graduate School of Radiology, University of Perugia, Ospedale S. Maria della Misericordia. Currently, she is Medical Director at the Hospital Santa Maria della Misericordia, Perugia, S.C. Radiology 1. Eleonora Vannini is an expert in the study of the breast with RM3T with DWI and ADC sequences and evaluation before and after therapy in patients treated with neoadjuvant therapy.

Simonetta Ercolani
Simonetta Ercolani graduated in 1990 in Medicine and Surgery, University of Perugia. Later, she attended the Graduate School of Medical Radiology, University of Perugia. She currently works at the Diagnostic Center PROTOS (agreement with USL 2) and at the CHECK-UP Centre of Perugia where she performs radiology activities and clinical breast ultrasound.

Riccardo Loretoni
Riccardo Loretoni graduated in Medicine and Surgery, University of La Sapienza Roma. Later, he attended the Graduate School of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging, University of Perugia. Riccardo Loretoni is the director of the Breast Unit at Foligno Hospital, Italy. He his MammoWave clinical trials responsible at Foligno Hospital.


Loris Nadotti
Full professsor in Enterprise funding at the Department of Economics of University of Perugia. He is delegate of the University’s rector for the Technology Transfer activity. He has ten years of experience in innovation and incubation of start-ups and spin-off companies coming from breakthrough research. He is member of the directors board of PNICube, Association of the Incubators and of the Italian Academic Business Plan Competitions, of which he was previously President and Vice-President. He is author of more than 30 scientific publications on finance, bank and marketing.

Francesco Sacchetti
Full professor of Solid State physics at the University of Perugia where he is working since 1983 after having worked as researcher at CNEN and at CNR. He has been involved in the last forty years in theory of condensed matter and in the development of neutron scattering in Italy as well. He has been responsible for several instrumentation developments at the major European neutron sources. More recently his interest has been devoted to the study of  THz atomic dynamics in liquid metals as prototypes of interacting  Fermi liquids, to the application of new neutron based techniques to  the life science and also to the use of neutrons in some basic aspects  of quantum mechanics, e.g. Hambury-Brown and Twiss like experiments  and Bell’s theorem related experiments.

Luca Ferrucci
Full professor of Business Economics at the Department of Economics and Management, University of Perugia, L. Ferrucci has competences in the field of high tech industries internationalization and innovation strategies. He was member of the board of Directors of Casse di Risparmio dell’Umbria and ABN Park. He performed many research and consultancy activities on the behalf of companies belonging to different economic sectors such as Barilla, Pontech, Lotto, Piaggio. He was visiting professor at prestigious universities like London School of Economics, University of Manchester, University of Kiel and University of Paris Est Creteil. He is author of more than 10 monographies about economics and lots of publications about enterprises and markets