Breast Cancer: allowing all women to get screened

Breast cancer represents the first cause of death for females in all age groups.
Mass screening is the way to reduce Breast cancer mortality rate



Our X-rays free mammogram MammoWave uses safe radiofrequency signal in the microwave band, rather than dangerous X-rays.



Our X-rays free mammogram MammoWave examination requires no breast smashing. The examination with MammoWave is performed with the patient lying in a comfortable facing down position.



Our X-rays free mammogram MammoWave, thanks to its effective technology and to its relatively low production costs, can lead to a widespread breast screening, enhancing cancer early detection.

Microwave Imaging: an overview

MammoWave, our X-rays free mammogram, uses safe radiofrequency signal in the microwave band to obtain an image of the breast. Microwaves are electromagnetic non-ionizing signals, such as the ones commonly used in mobile communications, thus they are X-rays free.  Microwave imaging exploits the contrast in the dielectric properties (permittivity and conductivity) at microwave frequencies of normal and malignant tissues of the breast. MammoWave allows:

  • to illuminate the breast using electromagnetic fields in the
    microwave band;
  • to measure the correspondent scattered electromagnetic fields;
  • to process the measured field through a dedicated algorithm, obtaining the image of the breast.

Clinical Trials

MammoWave clinical trials are in progress at Perugia Hospital “Azienda Ospedaliera S. Maria della Misericordia”, Italy, and at Foligno Hospital, Italy. MammoWave use for clinical trials was authorized by Italian Ministry of Health and by the Ethical Committee of Regione Umbria, Italy.

The MD clinical trials promoter is Dr. Michele Duranti, director of the Department of Diagnostic Imaging at Perugia Hospital, S. Maria della Misericordia. The MD clinical trials responsible at Foligno Hospital is Dr. Riccardo Loretoni, director ot the Breast Unit.

Clinical trials results obtained up to now show a MammoWave sensitivity > 90%. Clinical trials results have been presented at international conferences, including IEEE 2016 International Conference on Imaging Systems and Techniques and IET LAPC 2017



Franco Alfredo Grassini
Sabatino Tiberi
Giorgio Ronchini
Simone Re
Matteo Del Savio
Piero Cavalletti


Gianluigi Tiberi
Giovanni Raspa
Navid Ghavami
Lorenzo Sani
Martina Paoli
Alessandro Vispa
Alessandra Bigotti
Michele Scorsipa
Stefano Caschera
Banafsheh Khalesi


Michele Duranti
Andrea Saracini
Eleonora Vannini
Simonetta Ercolani
Riccardo Loretoni


Prof. Luca Ferrucci
Prof. Loris Nadottii
PhD. Raul Izquierdo
Eng. Perry Van Rijsingen
Prof. Agostino Monorchio

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