MammoWave has been awarded the H2020 EU
funding SMEINST Phase II grant

Clinical Trials

The first set of MammoWave clinical trials ended in March 2020. The trials, authorized by Italian Ministry of Health and by the Ethical Committee of Regione Umbria, Italy, have been carried out at Perugia Hospital “Azienda Ospedaliera S. Maria della Misericordia” , Italy, and at Foligno Hospital, Italy.

The MD clinical trials promoter was Dr. Michele Duranti, director of the Department of Diagnostic Imaging at Perugia Hospital, S. Maria della Misericordia. The MD clinical trials responsible at Foligno Hospital was Dr. Riccardo Loretoni, director of the Breast Unit.

Clinical trials results show the capability of MammoWave to detect breast lesions (including carcinoma, fibroadenoma, and microcalcifications). Results have been published in “Biomedical Signal Processing and Control – Journal - Elsevier” and in in “Measurement - Journal - Elsevier” .

MammoWave performance in detecting breast lesions can be enhanced through AI-Artificial Intelligence, as reported in “Scientific Reports- Journal - Nature.

Thanks to the H2020 SMEINST Phase 2 funding, UBT activated new clinical trials and is now enrolling patients in further four Hospitals, including Humanitas, Milano and San Martino, Genova, in Italy; Erlangen Hospital in Germany; Toledo Hospital in Spain.

In May 2020, MammoWave obtained the CE marking.

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