2017 Medtec Europe Start-Up Academy
March 7, 2017

For our advanced technology development in microwave imaging, UBT was selected as a participant at the Medtec Europe Start-Up Academy, and we are excited to have the chance to present our X-rays free mammogram during Medtec in Stuttgart, Germany, from April 4 – 6 (Hall 1).

For the third year running, the Medtec Europe Start-Up Academy will bring together the most exciting young companies from across Europe to showcase the latest innovations in medical device technology. The Start-Up Academy and neighbouring Forum will be located in Hall 1 on-site at Medtec Europe 2017.

UBT Srl presents its X-rays free mammogram at 2017 Medtec Europe Start-Up Academy

In this context, we are honoured to present our X-rays free mammogram. Groundbreaking nature of the mammogram is that imaging is obtained by only processing microwave signals through a dedicated algorithm based on Huygens principle. Clinical trials are in progress at Perugia Hospital, Italy. Results on the first patients (presented at 2016 IEEE International Conference on Imaging Systems and Techniques) showed a very good correlation with respect to conventional mammography. With our X-rays free mammogram, the examination can be repeated any time, at any age, in any condition (pregnancy, specific illness, etc). The inherent safety of the apparatus (microwave signal rather than ionizing radiation), the absence of any breast crushing, the easy examination (even performable by a general practitioner) can strong enhance mass screening, extending it to all women of all age groups. More details at: www.medteceurope.com