Topic of the seminar: prevention in health care
October 21, 2016
IEEE International Conference Imaging Systems/Techniques (IST): UBT will present its RX free mammograph on wed 5th October
September 29, 2016
The idea of a Rx free mammograph for breast cancer detection
October 21, 2016

From 25 to 27 October there will be the event: Italy China Science Technology & Innovation week 2016
In this context, we will present our work at the following Seminar: Strategies for prevention in health, Napoli, 27 October 2016, h 11:45-13:30

Topic of the seminar: prevention in health care

The bilateral cooperation between China and Italy in the health care has been growing and intensifying. In fact concerning China health care system, the first stage of reforms saw a big effort in the acquisition of technologies for disease treatment. Today, China health care system reached the second stage by putting prevention first. Representatives of the Italian Ministry of Health will illustrate the Italian health care system. Also they will illustrate some strategies for prevention. Moreover, some keynote companies/institution will present cutting edge technologies and/or application.

UBT has been invited by the committee for presenting its RX Free Mammograph for Early Breast Cancer Detection.

Mass screening to prevent death caused by breast cancer

Here is a short Abstract of the presentation.

Breast cancer represents the first cause of death for females in all age groups; in this context, mass screening is the way to reduce its mortality rate. Currently,screening is performed using conventional mammography. However, conventional mammography has some shortcomings such as ionizing radiation and breast crushing.

  • Mass screening using conventional mammography is limited to females in the age 50/ 69 years only
  • Mass screening using conventional mammography is performed every 2 years
  • In Italy we have that 56% of females in the age 50/ 69 years sits for screening examination

  • Ubt Srl novel Rx free mammograph can enhance mass screening

    UBT SRL Project is the optimization, clinical validation and commercialization of a novel RX free mammograph for breast cancer detection. And here are the vantages:

  • Safe (low-power microwave signal rather than ionizing radiation)
  • Comfortable (absence of any breast crushing)
  • Examination can be repeated any time, at any age, in any condition (pregnancy, specific illness, etc)
  • Lower cost with respect to conventional mammography
  • If used as complementary modality with respect to conventional mammography, we can enhance mass screening (more frequent, more women, more age groups)