Banafsheh Khalesi

Graduated in Physics at the Department of Physics of the University of Tehran, she got a Master of Science (MSC) degree with first class in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and a Ph.D. at London South Bank University, London (UK). Her research area is in the optimization of the microwave apparatus for breast cancer […]

Lorenzo Papini

Graduated in Physics at the Department of Physics and Geology of the University of Perugia in 2017, he received a Ph.D. in Physics from University of Padova in 2020. During his Ph.D. , Dr. Papini worked on modelization of black hole solutions in the context of String Theory, specializing in solving (numerically and analytically) non-linear […]

Soumya Prakash Rana

Dr. Rana is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (fellowship co-sponsored by UBT Srl) at London South Bank University (LSBU), London, UK, working in field of Artificial Intelligence applied to microwave imaging data for breasts lesion Lesions detection and classification. Dr. Rana has completed his PhD at LSBU. He received his Bachelor of Engineering (2009) from The […]

Daniel Álvarez

He obtained his Bachelor Degree in Biomedical Engineering at Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M), with an intensification on design of medical devices. His research activity covered neuromuscular simulation and electrophysiological analyses, carried out during his internship in National Hospital of Paraplegics of Toledo. In June 2019 Daniel joined the scientific team of UBT, to […]

Alessandra Bigotti

Graduated in Physics at the Department of Physics and Geology (FISGEO) of the University of Perugia, she did her final project at the Hospital of S.Maria della Misericordia, Perugia, working on the analysis and processing of radiological and MR images. In November 2017 Alessandra joined the scientific team of UBT, managing clinical trial and regulatory.

Mario Badia

Mario Badia got the Bachelor Degree in Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering at Universidad de Oriente, Cuba, in 2016, with focus on software engineering, machine learning, digital signal processing and computer networks. Next, he matured a solid experiences as telecommunication engineer (ETECSA, Cuba) and as Software Developer (MICRA SOFTWARE E SERVICES Srl, Italy). In 2091, he […]

Alessandro Vispa

Graduated in Physics at the Department of Physics and Geology (FISGEO) of the University of Perugia, Alessandro received the PhD in November 2016 from Polytechnic University of Catalunya where he was focused on the characterization cristals and nano-crystalline materials. After his PhD Dr. Vispa joined the scientific team of UBT, working as data analyst and […]

Lorenzo Sani

Graduated in Physics at the Department of Physics and Geology (FISGEO) of the University of Perugia, he received a Ph.D from FISGEO. Lorenzo worked as R&D Manager at MATE srl for the development of infrared spectrometers, optics. In January 2013, Dr. Sani joined the FISGEO through a UBT fellowship working on the development of the […]

Navid Ghavami

Navid Ghavami received the B. Eng degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from King’s College and a Ph.D. degree from the University of Oxford. During his PhD and post-doc years, he worked on developing microwave imaging methods with potential applications on cancer detection. Together with Gianluigi Tiberi, he studied the theory of MammoWave technology disseminated […]

Giovanni Raspa

Giovanni Raspa is an expert in mechatronics and is the owner of 3 patents, one of which is the microwave apparatus for testing the integrity of mammary tissues and the other two cover an automatic machine for the reading stamping and a tearing of postal current account receipts. These technologies are currently widely utilized in […]